2015 Chambers County 4-H Photo Contest Results

We are excited to announce the results of the 2015 Chambers County 4-H Roundup Photography Contest.

2015 Chambers County 4-H Photography Contest Results

Intermediate Level Black and White Photographs
1st Place – “Windmill” by Kara Taylor
2nd Place – “House in the Snow” by Anna Hyde
3rd Place – “Geese” by Kara Taylor

Senior Level Black and White Photographs
1st Place – “All in a Day’s Work” by Cadee Witherspoon
2nd Place – “Turtle” by Emma Taylor

Junior Level Color Photographs
1st Place – “My Neighbor” by Malcolm Broussard
2nd Place – “It’s Dandy” by Malcolm Broussard
3rd Place – “Flowers Near the Beach” by Malcolm Broussard

Senior Level Color Photographs
1st Place – “Anniversary” by Kaitlyn Hyde
2nd Place – “Strings Attached” by Mack Broussard
3rd Place – “Resting” by Macie Broussard

Senior Special Effects Photographs
1st Place – “A Day on the Ranch” by Cadee Witherspoon
2nd Place – “Setting” by Macie Broussard
3rd Place (Tied) – “The Cowboy Rides Away” by Cadee Witherspoon
3rd Place (Tied) – “Cake” by Kaitlyn Hyde

Two judges scored each of the photographs – final scores were tallied by averaging the total given by each judge. The top three photos had the highest calculated scores in each category. All of the photos entered were very good – both judges repeatedly stated how difficult it was to judge due to the talent of these young people.

We gave ribbons a little differently this year than we have in the past. As we are trying to model our competition a little more closely after the D9 contest we awarded ribbons based on the same point system that D9 uses. To award ribbons we looked at the calculated (averaged) score and the scale listed on the bottom of the score sheet – this determined the color ribbon each photo received.

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