Big Time in D-9 Results (Chambers County Participants)

Chambers County 4-Hers performed amazingly well at the 2015 Big Time in D-9 4-H Roundup. Below is a list of our big winners.

4-H SET Poster Contest
Mason Broussard – 1st Place

Fashion Storyboard
Macie Broussard – Senior Wearable – 3rd Place
Anna Hyde – Intermediate Wearable – 2nd Place
Mason Broussard – Intermediate Non-Wearable – 1st Place
Marcel Broussard – Junior Non-Wearable – 1st Place

Produce Judging
Mason Broussard – 3rd Place

Macie Broussard – Senior Domestic Animals – 3rd Place
Kaitlyn Hyde – Senior Catch All – 2nd Place
Emma Taylor – Senior Details and Macro – 1st Place
Kaitlyn Hyde – Senior Digital Dark Room – 3rd Place
Mack Broussard – Senior Dominant Color – 3rd Place
Stephanie Steele – Senior Nature and Landscape – 1st Place
Hanna Stewart – Senior Nature and Landscape – 3rd Place
Emma Taylor – Senior Marine – 1st Place
Kara Taylor – Intermediate Details and Macro – 2nd Place
Mason Broussard – Intermediate Plant – 3rd Place
Marcel Broussard – Junior Plant – 1st Place

Share the Fun
Emma Taylor – Solo/Band Performance – 2nd Place

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